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The Fallout of Grudges And Unforgiveness

In my time as a pastor, I discovered that many times people have hidden in the corner of their heart grudges and unforgiveness. This is a more common problem than you might think. You may be struggling with this yourself.

Holding grudges and harboring unforgiveness cause serious problems in your relationship with God.

Unforgiveness causes a lot of problems in you and with others. It hampers the Holy Spirits ability to fully minister to you and your ability to minister to others. Continue Reading →

Getting The Strength to Deal With Your Troubles

Today, I would like to focus on getting the strength and wisdom you need to deal with your troubles. You may be having troubles in your marriage or you may be struggling with employment, financial or health issues or it might be persistent battles with depression, and on and on.

These troubles weaken you and wear you down over time. It is in these times of weakness that you are most vulnerable as doubt about God’s love begins to fill your thoughts. Continue Reading →

Jesus’ Mercy and Comfort For Those in Trouble

On the surface, most Christians look fine. In many cases, you never know what kind of trouble they might be experiencing.

People can be very good actors, and put on a “happy face” that disguises the truth of their life. They can successfully cover up the difficult things in their lives, hiding their concerns, worries, pain, sorrow and heartache well enough to keep their troubles hidden.

It is like a banana that has a healthy, smooth yellow covering on the outside, but as you peel the banana, you see bruises and gouges that you could not see on the outside. Continue Reading →

The Right Way To Criticize

Criticism is a two-edged sword. God separates the two kinds of criticism we find in the church in a very short Proverb.

“As a tree gives fruit, healing words give life; but dishonest words crush the spirit.” Proverbs 15:4 NCV

The kind of criticism that that I always appreciated and gladly received was criticism that was given in a spirit of love and gentleness that was truthful and relevant.

I can’t tell you how many times someone with my best interest in mind came to me and gently offered some useful direction, and even criticism concerning something I was doing. Continue Reading →