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Keep Your Ambition Balanced

Over the years I have been a very focused, determined and aggressive person in achieving things and reaching goals. I wanted to be successful. I worked very hard to “make something of myself.”

The family I grew up in was not the most well off family in the community. My dad worked in aluminum foundries, sometimes several jobs at a time. It was hard, dirty work. There were times we really struggled financially.

This background of being closer to the bottom of the economic scale rather than the top of the economic scale was my early life experience. Continue Reading →

Making Good Decisions

Making good decisions is essential to good outcomes. And, likewise, making bad decisions leads to bad outcomes. Been there, done that? How many times have you said, “Oh, how I wish I hadn’t done that!” Or, “What a dumb mistake that was!”

Yet, many believers do this very thing. Why is this the case?

God wants His children to make right decisions that produce good results. God wants what is best for you. He does not want you to suffer the consequences of bad decisions. Continue Reading →